Vintage Rugs for Sale with Best Offer

This just in, a new sister site of Old New House LLC: fresh launch of a “name your offer” price for overstock vintage, distressed and antique rug merchandise, visit Vintage Rugs on Sale Get your rugs at deep discounts and affordable on the cheap!Discounted Vintage Area Rugs


Amazing virtual rugs from YouTube

Wow! Hand knotted rugs with cut pile often have a light and dark side. This is the result of weavers tying the knot with a downward or sometimes sideways motion while the carpet is strung on the loom. When viewing a carpet in person from eye height, the way your eye perceives the carpet is based on the environment and subject material: When viewing the “lighter side” of a carpet, the wool lays angled away from your eye, and the light is reflected upon the sides of the wool. When viewing from the dark side, the tips of the wool absorb light, and therefore the carpet appears darker. See if this video helps in your decision making process!

Old New House launches Local Westchester NY Showroom


What’s the best way to view a rug? “Under natural light,” says David Dilmaghani of Westchester NY’s local branch of Old New House. Melissa + Dave of Katonah NY specialize in interior decor, wall art, furniture and vintage rugs. “We’re super excited to launch a local version of our national brand,” Melissa goes on to say “Finally we have a chance to meet customers and designers face-to-face”.

Westchester NY Rugs
The new shop is located in downtown Katonah, just a short train ride from Manhattan and close proximity to Brooklyn. “We’ve found our best customers to be those willing to take the time to find just what they’re looking for, and often, they’ll find the rug they’ve been searching for with us.”

Visit M+D’s Online Shop Old New House for a fantastic selection of vintage Oushak rugs, Persian carpets and more.

Afghani War Rugs on NPR

“Afghanistan has suffered through long decades of war; conflict with the Soviet Union, civil war and 13 years of a U.S.-led NATO combat mission. Among the political, economic and cultural impacts of this violence, there’s an artistic transformation: the history of violence is reflected in the country’s ancient art of rug making.

Kevin Sudeith, a collector, tells NPR’s Arun Rath that he has long been impressed by the craftsmanship of Afghan rugs.

‘The thing that awed me about the war rugs … is the combination of a very ancient tradition and ancient designs and patterns that are tied to specific towns and regions of Afghanistan … coupled with the most contemporary subject matter,’ Sudeith says. ‘And the war rugs document that unselfconsciously, succinctly and beautifully.'”

Above from

Here’s another great read on hand knotted Oriental rugs made by Afghani refugees.–Terrorist-Rugs-3d-Ignorance.aspx

War Rug AK47

Luxurious vintage Beni Ourain carpets and Moroccan rugs

Moroccan carpets are amazing. These rugs are so versatile – the styling and aesthetic is conducive to so many sides of interior design. Are you a mid-century lover with authentic, period design as a focal point?  You will appreciate the genuine vintage 1950’s and 60’s Moroccan carpets in the context of your decor.  Beni Ourain carpets go hand-in-hand with some of the greatest furniture settings and designer.  The next time you sit in an Eames, Knoll, Risom or McCobb consider a true Moroccan carpet under foot. Beni Ourain Moroccan Carpet

Enjoy a lovely assortment of colorful vintage Moroccan carpets
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And more traditional un-dyed vintage Moroccan carpets using natural grey, silver, ivory, black and brown wool of long staple and fine carding.

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Plush and Fluffy long carded wool of the Beni Ourain variety

Large Area Rugs: Get the Look

Vintage Rug - 6' x 9'4"

6′ x 9’4″ Vintage rug @ Restoration Hardware $4495

Above: Vintage 6’x9′ area rug on Old New House™ for $1999 shipped.


Affordable Vintage Rugs

Totally head over heals with the rugs vintage rugs over at Restoration Hardware! Here are a few vintage area rugs and comparison shopping.

VINTAGE RUG - 2'0" x 3'8"

Above: Rug on Restoration Hardware $895

Get the look and the price:

 Above: Small vintage rug on Old New House for $275 shipped.