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Large Rug Videos

Wow – there are few decorative items so stately and versatile as an oversize Palace rug.

From our good friends over at come several amazing short videos of extremely large (in some cases gigantic) Oriental rugs.

The carpet below is one of the largest we have seen in its type and age. Perfect candidate for a period 1800’s mansion, this gorgeous & lively Feraghan palace rug is suited for only the biggest and best:

Classic & unique – this incredibly large vintage mid-century Kerman palace carpet is in perfect condition and of epic scale.

This unbelievably large Bokhara puts the “elephant” into “elephant footprint” rugs!* An astounding size of 16’5″ x 25′ makes this palace carpet unusually large like few others.

* Repeating gul design is sometimes referred to as an “elephant footprint” motif