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Vintage Rugs on Etsy

Wow! Check out these awesome hand knotted Oriental rugs on Etsy!!!

A gorgeous vintage 1960’s tree of life motif carpetVintage Tree of life design Rug

Some beautiful shared similarities to the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s 18th Century Mughal carpet.

“Paradise in Islam is described as a walled garden filled with flowers and cypress trees. Depictions of paradise in Islamic art often include a colorful garden of flowers sheltered by an arched gateway symbolic of the entrance to heaven. This artistic metaphor appears on textiles, architectural tile panels, and other objects, but is an especially appropriate decorative motif for prayer rugs. It is a visual reminder of the pleasures of paradise awaiting the faithful who pray. Flowers burst forth from a single vase in the field of this carpet and fill a curved niche defined by flanking cypress trees and floral spandrels. The extremely fine weave of this pashmina wool prayer rug, with approximately 700 knots per square inch, gives it a luxurious, velvetlike appearance. This mille-fleurs type of prayer rug was produced in Mughal India and later copied by weavers in southern Persia.”

Colors in the next piece are just too fun and funky to pass up!  Check out the amazing royal blue with this piece, including some interesting top colors such as a soft mint green and a bright orange rust!

Royal Blue Vintage Rug

And to wrap up the vintage carpets on etsy, a classic and vintage Perpedil carpet featuring a rams horn allover motif in the field in a wide array of colorful shades, and a kufic border to wrap the piece.  Beautiful gorgeous!  And with a deep history of motif dating back to and of particular substance and intrigue a design popularly associated with paintings by Hans Holbein.

Vintage Rug with allover Caucasian Perpedil design


Flat Woven Favorites

Awesome Verneh with a shabby chic look including worn and faded linen style with raised embroidery.  Top colors of sky blue, light blue and exciting reds and oranges:

Awesomeness in a contemporary argyle design kilim apparently woven with fine Argentinian wool including silver gray, sand, bronze and ivory:

Horse hair foundation Kilim!  Does not get much more authentic than that!

Tree of Life design Kilim rug with beautiful natural dye indigo blue:
Celebration of the reciprocating rams horn design.  Stretches of blue including light, and medium sky blue, abrash of deep madder root red atop a clean fresh ivory field.
For other amazing and utterly gorgeous Kilim Rugs, Visit Dilmaghani on Etsy.

Bulgarian Rugs

Bulgarian Rugs – One of the most overlooked weaving countries.  It’s not uncommon for rugs made in Bulgaria to have a very specific feel and flavor.  Bulgarian rugs, especially vintage 1950’s, 60’s and early 70’s are well on their way back into style.  Stately, elegant, yet fun, funky and bright would be the best adjectives to describe these beautiful carpets.  Find gorgeous examples of Bulgarian carpets with hard to find unusual and rare field colors including pistachio green, deep gold mustard, bright rust sandlewood and more!!!

12x17 Bulgarian Rug

12x19 Bulgarian Rug

16x22 Bulgarian Rug

Photographs Courtesy Large Rugs & Carpets: A quick study on Bulgarian rugs and unusually fun & funky colors in Oriental rugs.
See more of
Pistachio Green Bulgarian Rug
Deep gold mustard
Bright peach / brilliant rust

Rug Cleaning Season

Rug season is coming, and that usually means one of two things:  Have your carpet cleaned, or considering purchasing a new carpet.

For those of you interested in having your rugs cleaned, a trusted and reliable company in the Westchester NY area also services area rug cleaning in tri-state New York, New Jersey and Connecticut areas with Oriental rug cleaning.  Dilmaghani offers free pick up and delivery for area rug cleaning on through their specialized website

On another note, you may consider spot cleaning on your own at home:

Even better, be sure to treat your stain properly from the get-go!  Museum curators, collectors, and rug professionals alike know it’s better to treat a stain once properly as opposed to several times with catch all chemical cleaners.  This interactive instructional stain removal guide shows you how to make successful stain removal agents using household cleaners!

Keep those rugs clean!