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Green rug pad – An eco friendly option for carpet underlining

There are so many options out there for padding under your carpet.  So which one is the right one?

Traditional rug pad and rug pad products can nearly every type of fiber.  Materials can include anything from recycled car seat foam to recycled carpet fibers such as (nylon, olefin, polypropylene scraps) all needle punched and melded together for padding.  At times, this is merged into a heat sunk with rubber to create a combination of padding and non-skid material.

These products are fantastic – they help to keep your rug in place and also re-use and recycle material.  However, these options are not for the true green-o-phile.  A more eco-friendly, greener solution is all natural rubber and jute fiber pad.  For the home purist wishing for a more clean and clear solution, this is the most green rug pad available.  Between a ten year warranty on traction

Eco Friendly Rug Pad

Old New House is offering a new rug pad that brings to life a tree for every rug pad purchased

and great characteristics such as low profile grip to fit under low clearances, mildew and mold resistant…  This is the pad to get.  Oh – did we mention that for every pad sold a tree is planted?  Enjoy!