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Old New House launches Local Westchester NY Showroom


What’s the best way to view a rug? “Under natural light,” says David Dilmaghani of Westchester NY’s local branch of Old New House. Melissa + Dave of Katonah NY specialize in interior decor, wall art, furniture and vintage rugs. “We’re super excited to launch a local version of our national brand,” Melissa goes on to say “Finally we have a chance to meet customers and designers face-to-face”.

Westchester NY Rugs
The new shop is located in downtown Katonah, just a short train ride from Manhattan and close proximity to Brooklyn. “We’ve found our best customers to be those willing to take the time to find just what they’re looking for, and often, they’ll find the rug they’ve been searching for with us.”

Visit M+D’s Online Shop Old New House for a fantastic selection of vintage Oushak rugs, Persian carpets and more.


Large Area Rugs: Get the Look

Vintage Rug - 6' x 9'4"

6′ x 9’4″ Vintage rug @ Restoration Hardware $4495

Above: Vintage 6’x9′ area rug on Old New House™ for $1999 shipped.


Affordable Vintage Rugs

Totally head over heals with the rugs vintage rugs over at Restoration Hardware! Here are a few vintage area rugs and comparison shopping.

VINTAGE RUG - 2'0" x 3'8"

Above: Rug on Restoration Hardware $895

Get the look and the price:

 Above: Small vintage rug on Old New House for $275 shipped.

Interview with a rug specialist

What makes a rug or carpet collectible?

Major factors contributing to the value and desirability of hand knotted rugs in no specific order include: Origin, type, age, design, colors, wool and weave grade, condition / originality, rarity / uniqueness, historic importance / provenance, size (at times) and overall aesthetic.

Collectors typically seek rugs that meet many positive factors or rugs that are exceptional in a few. Collectors often focus on one or several groups and types of rugs. Generally the result of a discriminating collector means they purchase authentic rugs with excellent harmonious colors and design, rugs that exhibit solid craftsmanship relative to the type, are as close to original condition as possible free of repairs with each end and sides intact as woven, manageable sizes, and examples demonstrating individual character with unique artistic merit.

What are some collectible rugs and popular trends in today’s market?

Overall the aesthetic of rugs that consistently perform well over the years are: classic and timeless designs with good contrast or analogous tone-on-tone. Carpets of era-specific colors or fad type allure tend to not endure.

Collectors actively seek unique, rare, old and fine antique rugs generally from the first quarter 20th century and earlier for city rugs, and 1880’s and earlier for nomadic/migratory and tribal/town rugs. Condition is generally of importance, as are other criteria above. Within each type, certain characteristics and even weaving techniques can greatly add to the rarity and value of a piece.

Designers often work with rugs new and old depending on the space and the desired outcome. Right now the overall trends for many include allover design or medallion with covered field as opposed to medallion and open field. In new rugs, light colors bode well less gold tones of yesterday. Soft tones of blue, silver, beige, charcoal, and pastels are favorable. Some pops of rich and saturated colors are also coming through in new decorative rugs. Original principles of design are relatively consistent – good contrast or good tone-on-tone. On the old side of rugs, semi-antique carpets are being distressed (intentionally worn) and washed to give the added appearance of authentic age of an antique. In many ways the threadbare appearance of a favored pair of broken-in jeans is similarly applied to floor coverings.

Why Buy Vintage Rugs?

There is great validity and real cost-benefit of purchasing a vintage rug over an antique or new rug (or even a machine made rug for that matter). The manner in which hand knotted rugs are made today is little changed over the course of many centuries. However, the main difference now is vintage rugs are an extremely affordable option, and regardless, will continue to last for many, many years.

Excerpts from an interview with rug specialist David Dilmaghani of Old New House and

Flat Woven Favorites

Awesome Verneh with a shabby chic look including worn and faded linen style with raised embroidery.  Top colors of sky blue, light blue and exciting reds and oranges:

Awesomeness in a contemporary argyle design kilim apparently woven with fine Argentinian wool including silver gray, sand, bronze and ivory:

Horse hair foundation Kilim!  Does not get much more authentic than that!

Tree of Life design Kilim rug with beautiful natural dye indigo blue:
Celebration of the reciprocating rams horn design.  Stretches of blue including light, and medium sky blue, abrash of deep madder root red atop a clean fresh ivory field.
For other amazing and utterly gorgeous Kilim Rugs, Visit Dilmaghani on Etsy.

Bulgarian Rugs

Bulgarian Rugs – One of the most overlooked weaving countries.  It’s not uncommon for rugs made in Bulgaria to have a very specific feel and flavor.  Bulgarian rugs, especially vintage 1950’s, 60’s and early 70’s are well on their way back into style.  Stately, elegant, yet fun, funky and bright would be the best adjectives to describe these beautiful carpets.  Find gorgeous examples of Bulgarian carpets with hard to find unusual and rare field colors including pistachio green, deep gold mustard, bright rust sandlewood and more!!!

12x17 Bulgarian Rug

12x19 Bulgarian Rug

16x22 Bulgarian Rug

Photographs Courtesy Large Rugs & Carpets: A quick study on Bulgarian rugs and unusually fun & funky colors in Oriental rugs.
See more of
Pistachio Green Bulgarian Rug
Deep gold mustard
Bright peach / brilliant rust

Rug Cleaning Season

Rug season is coming, and that usually means one of two things:  Have your carpet cleaned, or considering purchasing a new carpet.

For those of you interested in having your rugs cleaned, a trusted and reliable company in the Westchester NY area also services area rug cleaning in tri-state New York, New Jersey and Connecticut areas with Oriental rug cleaning.  Dilmaghani offers free pick up and delivery for area rug cleaning on through their specialized website

On another note, you may consider spot cleaning on your own at home:

Even better, be sure to treat your stain properly from the get-go!  Museum curators, collectors, and rug professionals alike know it’s better to treat a stain once properly as opposed to several times with catch all chemical cleaners.  This interactive instructional stain removal guide shows you how to make successful stain removal agents using household cleaners!

Keep those rugs clean!