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Luxurious vintage Beni Ourain carpets and Moroccan rugs

Moroccan carpets are amazing. These rugs are so versatile – the styling and aesthetic is conducive to so many sides of interior design. Are you a mid-century lover with authentic, period design as a focal point?  You will appreciate the genuine vintage 1950’s and 60’s Moroccan carpets in the context of your decor.  Beni Ourain carpets go hand-in-hand with some of the greatest furniture settings and designer.  The next time you sit in an Eames, Knoll, Risom or McCobb consider a true Moroccan carpet under foot. Beni Ourain Moroccan Carpet

Enjoy a lovely assortment of colorful vintage Moroccan carpets
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And more traditional un-dyed vintage Moroccan carpets using natural grey, silver, ivory, black and brown wool of long staple and fine carding.

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Plush and Fluffy long carded wool of the Beni Ourain variety