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Afghani War Rugs on NPR

“Afghanistan has suffered through long decades of war; conflict with the Soviet Union, civil war and 13 years of a U.S.-led NATO combat mission. Among the political, economic and cultural impacts of this violence, there’s an artistic transformation: the history of violence is reflected in the country’s ancient art of rug making.

Kevin Sudeith, a collector, tells NPR’s Arun Rath that he has long been impressed by the craftsmanship of Afghan rugs.

‘The thing that awed me about the war rugs … is the combination of a very ancient tradition and ancient designs and patterns that are tied to specific towns and regions of Afghanistan … coupled with the most contemporary subject matter,’ Sudeith says. ‘And the war rugs document that unselfconsciously, succinctly and beautifully.'”

Above from NPR.org


Here’s another great read on hand knotted Oriental rugs made by Afghani refugees.



War Rug AK47