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Old New House launches Local Westchester NY Showroom


What’s the best way to view a rug? “Under natural light,” says David Dilmaghani of Westchester NY’s local branch of Old New House. Melissa + Dave of Katonah NY specialize in interior decor, wall art, furniture and vintage rugs. “We’re super excited to launch a local version of our national brand,” Melissa goes on to say “Finally we have a chance to meet customers and designers face-to-face”.

Westchester NY Rugs
The new shop is located in downtown Katonah, just a short train ride from Manhattan and close proximity to Brooklyn. “We’ve found our best customers to be those willing to take the time to find just what they’re looking for, and often, they’ll find the rug they’ve been searching for with us.”

Visit M+D’s Online Shop Old New House for a fantastic selection of vintage Oushak rugs, Persian carpets and more.


Antique Kerman Rugs

This is a fantastic exhibit of antique Kerman rugs courtesy Old New House, which explores the different range and variety of Kerman rugs from the mid 1800s through production today.

An antique Persian Kerman from 1900.


An antique Persian Kerman circa 1890 with unusual cloudband border.


A diminutive antique Persian Kerman ca. 1885.


An antique Persian Kerman rug with prayer design ca 1890.


An antique Persian Kerman ca. 1885.


An antique Persian Kerman ca. 1885.


A rare and unusual antique Persian Kerman in square size.  Approximate weaving date 1880.


Sarouk Rugs

Sarouk rugs are among the most coveted of Persian carpets.  Aside from stunning aesthetic, amazing durability, collector appeal – Here’s more as to why:  Sarouk has a long established line of continuous production with most easily attributed weaving from the early 1800’s to present day. Sarouk carpets and those woven in and around the area of Sarouk have evolved, much like the rugs of Kerman.  Sarouk rugs of the 1800’s such as Farahan Sarouk, Josan Sarouk and Malayer Sarouk, each branching into their own individual flavor and transition. The most easily traceable evolution is perhaps those of workshop type carpets, the line of Farahan Sarouk rugs.  In the late 1800’s the Farahan Sarouk transitions into Mohajeran Sarouk.  Mohajeran Sarouk then inspires American and European Sarouk. See if you can tell the evolution of Sarouk rugs down below!

Also, FYI – Here is a fantastic article about Sarouk rugs from the company a few of the beautiful carpets below.  Rug Rag also has a great segment on American Sarouk rugs.











Beautiful Bijar Rugs

Bijar rugs are known for their durability, bold patterns and lovely colors.  Here are a few choice area rug size Bijar Rugs:

Red Persian Rug

Lovely deep shade of red and highly detailed design motif in this mid-century Persian Bijar Rug.

Kurdish Bijar

Such a soft and subtle shade of rose in this allover design antique Bijar from the late 1800’s/1910.

Exceptional colors and unique character in this late 1800’s beauty!

Fine antique Persian Bijar great colors

Stunning colors in this second half 19th century beauty.  Especially the aqua blue, saffron yellow and amazing shade of rose.

All photographs courtesy Old New House of New York

Bokhara Rugs

Bokhara rugs with “elephant footprint” motif.  Bokhara rugs relate closely in motif to Yomud and Tekke carpets of yesteryear.

Bokhara rugs are known for their beautiful detail and repeating motifs, wonderful for libraries or rooms with large size furniture.

Colors including Blue Bokhara, Ivory Bokhara, Red Bokhara.  All shapes and sizes, include large rugs and square rugs.

Current Popular Large Rugs